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How to Have the Best day ever

Explore Powder Mountain

Powder Mountain is made up of 8,400+ skiable acres, making it challenging to feel as though you have fully experienced the entire mountain without proper planning for your day. Questions such as where to park, which lifts and runs to take, where is the best snow, and when and where to eat may arise. However, we've got you covered and promise your day will be the best if you follow these suggested routes or book an Inbound Guided Tour with a Powder professional. 

“Inbound Guides at Powder Mountain find the best snow and curate tailor-made adventures for clients, resulting in end-of-the-day smiles and "my best day of skiing ever" proclamations. Having a couple pre-planned routes for the day is a good start, but our In-bound Guide team know where the best turns are to be made and powder stashes found each day — because it is different every day. The influence of wind, sun, visibility, aspect and elevation affects which zones on the mountain should be explored for accessing "the goods". Guides make regular observations of the snowpack throughout the day, as well as over an entire season, so optimal terrain zones change frequently.  A great value of employing a guide is how we: regularly call audibles on terrain choices, strategize and ensure that alternative choices, i.e., "plan B", will be great, and come upon super-fun surprises on the mountain. Finally, guides understand the rhythm of each day so the vibe of Powder Mountain will be felt by all.”  

Paul Lawless LaStayo a longtime Adventure Guide   

Beginner - Intermediate: This route will be good all the time because these trails are consistently groomed every day, given enough snowfall. If it is a powder day, expect some freshies on the trails since grooming happens in the early morning. 

  1. Park at Hidden Lake 
  2. Ski down Hidden Lake to Amy’s 3 Mile 
  3. Ride up Hidden Lake 
  4. Ski down White Pine 
  5. Ride up Hidden Lake 
  6. Ski down Lodge Trail to Drifter to base of Timberline lift 
  7. Ride up Timberline 
  8. Ski down Sidewinder 
  9. Ride up Timberline 
  10. Ski down drifter to the Timberline Lodge 
  11. Head downstairs to the Powder Keg for ramen, salad, or a sandwich 
  12. Take the shuttle out front of the Lodge to the Sundown lift 
  13. Ride up Sundown 
  14. Ski down Kwick Draw 
  15. Ride up Sundown  
  16. Ski Slow Poke to base of Timberline lift 
  17. Ride up Timberline 
  18. Take Grizzly Run to Burntwood 
  19. Ride up Hidden Lake 
  20. End your day with sharing nachos between friends in the Hidden Lake Cantina 

Advanced - Expert: This route is suggested when it has snowed within the past 3 days so fresh tracks can still be found! Make sure to buy at least 1 cat pass if you wish to experience Lightning Ridge. To complete the bonus adventures, you need a touring setup or be ready to boot pack. 

  1. Park at timberline 
  2. Ski down to Paradise via Rendezvous 
  3. Ride up paradise 
  4. Ski down Straight shot to Eureka to Rendezvous 
  5. Ride up Paradise 
  6. Ski down Lake view 
  7. Ride up Hidden Lake 
  8. Ski down Woody’s World – Faceshot 
  9. Bus to Sundown 
  10. Ride up Sundown 
  11. **Bonus Hike up Baldy and ski down Baldy Face to Freeride 
  12. Ski down Powder Country – Sounder Ridge 
  13. Bus up to Sundown 
  14. Grab a quick slice of pizza a Lucky Slice 
  15. Ski down to Lightning Ridge Cat 
  16. Ride Snowcat up to drop off 
  17. Ski down Cache Bowl to Timberline lift base 
  18. **Bonus Hike up James Peak and ski down Carpe Diem to Big Kash 
  19. 18a. Ride up Paradise and take Sun Slope to Timberline lift base 
  20. Ride up Timberline 
  21. Ski down Lodge Trail  
  22. End your day at the Powder Keg with beer and Thai Chili Wings 

Whether it's your first visit to Powder or your 50th, there are always new areas to explore, yet the experience remains consistently exceptional — ensuring your next best day ever. While all areas of the mountain can offer a great time, having a tour guide ensures a perfect 10/10 day, as their expertise in Powder Mountain goes beyond the expert level. 


Inbound Guided Tours: Our experienced guides can customize your tour to your ability level. Intermediate skills are recommended when booking your guided experience. 

Full day: $599 (Two snowcat passes included.) 

  • 9:00am to 4:00pm 

Half day: $499 (One snowcat pass included.) 

  • 9:00am to 12:00pm or 12:30pm to 3:30pm 


Ski n’ Skin Guided Experience: Guided access to one of our adventure zones and combines the challenge of a good climb with the reward of untracked powder. Backcountry gear and skills are required. Pricing includes up to 5 guests. 

Full day: $599  

  • 9:00am to 4:00pm 

Half day: $499  

  • 9:00am to 12:00pm or 12:30pm to 3:30pm