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Powder Mountain Lost and Found Policy

Powder Mountain will make every reasonable effort to return found items to the rightful owner. The purpose of this policy is to, 1) provide consistency in how we handle lost items, 2) provide the best chance to return lost items to their owner, 3) if the owner is not found, efficiently use or dispose of the lost item in a safe manner.

The official ‘Lost and Found’ location for the management and storage of found items will be Arbor Lodge, 3632 N Wolf Creek Dr, Eden UT 84310; and the Will Call office in Timberline on Powder Mountain, 6965 E Powder Mountain Road, Eden UT 84310.

Items Found on Powder Mountain

If an item is found during the winter season on Powder Mountain (December – April), it will be turned in to the Will Call office and held for 30 days.  If an item is found in the off-season, or summer season (May - November), it will be delivered to Hidden Lake Lodge within seven (7) days of finding the item and held for 30 days.

Items Found in Lodging, during an Event, and/or in any of the Valley Properties

If an item is found at any time at one of the Valley properties (anywhere except on Powder Mountain), or in a lodging unit, it will be turned into Arbor Lodge. Items will be held at this location for 30 days.

Inquiring About a Lost Item

Anyone inquiring about a lost item should fill out a report on  To ensure found items are returned to the rightful owners, the person claiming the item must describe the item(s) as closely as possible and provide identification. This can be accomplished through the report they entered on  

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Report Lost Item” or “Enter a New Lost Item Report”
  3. Where was the item lost? “Ski Resort”
  4. State where item was lost: “Utah”
  5. Pick the Venue: “Powder Mountain, Eden”
  6. Click Next
  7. Fill in as much information about the item as possible
  8. For Location Lost:Choose “Powder Mountain” if lost on the mountainChoose “Powder Mountain Lodging, Events, and Valley properties” if lost during an event, in lodging, or at any Valley property i.e. Arbor, Bower, or Valley Lodges

The more information the better, so please be thorough!  Claimants have the option to pick up the item in person, or they can pay for a shipping label through and have the item mailed back to them. Shipping rates are determined based on value, size, and weight. A handling fee of $5 - $20 will be added to the shipping cost based on packaging requirements and value of the item.