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Advanced Terrain Expansion

Dear Powder Community,

Last December, I shared an update on Powder’s new model of blending public and private skiing on our very large mountain. Since then, we’ve made lots of progress.

To refresh everyone, the previous business model was failing. While we’ve historically been uncrowded and inexpensive, we’ve been losing money, not upgrading lifts or lodges, and building up debt. The rise of Epic and Ikon have made the independent ski resort business very challenging, and we likely would have been acquired by one of the mega pass owners had we stayed on the old model. 

Our commitment to Powder is to stay uncrowded. Given this, some were surprised we opened season tickets to everyone. Isn’t this the opposite of staying uncrowded? 

First, we will avoid crowding by limiting day ticket sales, expanding terrain and parking, and staying out of the Epic and Ikon passes. Second, season pass revenue is very helpful to us because it comes early and is weather-independent. Third, community members knowing they can buy a season pass if they wish avoids much anxiety about waitlists or getting excluded. 

Our huge news today is we’re adding more public terrain to Powder Mountain. We plan to construct a lift in Wolf Canyon, going up to Lightning Ridge. You’ll be able to ski DMI and some of the best expert and advanced terrain in Northern Utah. Wide open bowls, prime glades, and expert chutes galore. The new lift will add 900 acres of lift-served and 147 acres of hike-to access, for a total of 1,047 acres of public advanced terrain. 

Guided adventure experiences are slated for the coming winter, with Summer 2025 as the target for lift installation. Surveying and planning will begin this summer, with the announcement of construction timelines and exact routing of lift infrastructure to follow. 

This Wolf Canyon expansion comes in addition to three new public lifts we are planning to install this summer: upgrading Paradise, upgrading Timberline, and adding the new Lightning Ridge. And, for our homeowner community, we have contracted to buy the adjacent Davenport area on the back side of Raintree to expand the private terrain.

Our Wolf Canyon expansion, alongside limiting day ticket sales and not accepting mega passes, continues to fulfill our promise of keeping Powder Mountain uncrowded, independent, and truly a special experience for generations to come.

We understand a lot is changing, and very fast. We thank all of the season pass holders who renewed, and the new ones who have joined us for this ride. 

Reed Hastings
CEO Powder Mountain