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Mountain Safety

Hidden Lake Beacon Park Video

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Child Carriers and Backpacks are not allowed at Powder Mountain Resort. 

Area Boundary, Closure and Rope Line Policy and Enforcement

Powder Mountain maintains a “hard closure” policy of our perimeter boundaries, as well as temporary closures of any area due to snow, wind, visibility, other weather concerns and/or lift issues. This policy has been adapted to provide the highest possible instance of safety for our guests, our staff and rescue personnel. In an effort to remain consistent with the enforcement of our “hard closure” policy, the following policy shall be strictly enforced upon any guest or staff member guilty of breeching any established closure. A closure consists of rope, bamboo, signage, permanent or movable gates or any combination of those measures mentioned. When establishing closures, attention is given to allowing maximum use of terrain available while safely mitigating targeted hazard. Ever changing snow, weather and avalanche conditions may cause conflicting representations of reported information in regards to social media reports and actual marking and signage stating conditions on the mountain. In the case of conflicting information; ALWAYS obey posted signs and warnings. A zero tolerance policy has been initiated. Any instance of a guest’s non compliance with regard to the “hard closure” policy will result in loss of ski privileges at Powder Mountain for the remainder of the season. Instances of employee/staff member policy violation will result in termination of employment, as well as loss of ski privileges at Powder Mountain for the remainder of the season. Subsequent violations during any concurrent season, or, malicious statements, behavior, or actions following the enforcement of a violation will result in permanent loss of ski privileges and admittance to Powder Mountain property. We value our guest’s patronage. We want our guests and staff to enjoy all that Powder Mountain has to offer. We simply ask that you abide by the closures we establish for your, and everyone else’s safety.