SR 158



Summer Trail Maps

Powder Mountain offers 15+ miles of trails that provide an excellent escape from the summer heat and spectacular views. 

All trails are free of charge and open to the public from dawn to dusk.  

Please ride responsibly, wear helmets while riding and avoid riding alone.   The trails are unpatrolled and there are no first aid services available.  


Trail Map

All Open Trails

This map shows all currently open trails for biking and hiking.

Brim Trail

This map shows the Brim Trail loop and Brim Trail shortcuts.  The main loop which is comprised of the outermost trail sections has an elevation change of 330' and distance of 7.2 miles.  Average trail grade is less than 7% and the trail is rated beginner.  Trail access is from the Hidden Lake parking lot via the Hidden Lake to Brim Trail connector, the paved road or the Paper Airplane Trail to the paved road.

Woody's World

This trail is 1.4 miles long, has an elevation change of 580' and an average slope of 8%.  The trail is primarily beginner but does have several steeper sections approaching 20% grade.  The trail connects Timberline to the Paper Airplane Trail.

Paper Airplane Trail

This trail is 2.2 miles long and has an elevation change of 453 feet.  The average grade is 7% and it is primarily a beginner trail.  The western end of the trail has slightly steeper gradients from the Paper Airplane to the paved road.  The eastern end intersects the paved road and allows riders to turn east on the paved road and follow to the Brim Trail.  The trail passes the giant metal Paper Airplane art installation.

Hidden Lake to Brim Trail Connector

This trail is 3.27 miles long and connect the Hidden Lake parking lot to the Brim Trail in the village.  The trail has an elevation change of 432 feet and and average slope of 6%.  The trail is a beginner trail and contains sections of gravel road.